Why pellet?

Why wood stoves?

Heat, save, preserve. Wood stoves are a popular and efficient way of heating since the period prior to Benjamin Franklin, who invented the circulating air stove. Not so time long ago, a choice that one family had to heat her home, was limited only to a wood stove...


Clean environment

TIM SISTEM was always guided by the idea that we have not inherited this world from our ancestors but we are borrowing it from the descendants. With this belief we continue with constant research and improvement of our products in order to save our unbreakable connection with nature.

Our products

Our pellet stoves and wood can be bought in stores

Brava Casa - Tim Sistem

Our capacities

We are

We are a unique group of professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to quality and able to provide optimal solutions which are improving quality of life...

The latest machines

The latest machines allow us a high quality and high efficiency, and our world-class laboratory for the development, testing and control, provides us with the ability of continuous improvement and response to increasingly demanding and more environmental and quality standards....

International standards and norms

"TIM SYSTEM" & Stoves meet the necessary and strict EU standards in terms of emissions and energy efficiency, and they have CE and TUV quality certification of authorized institutes.

High-quality materials

When it comes to materials, we want to use only the best.
Our suppliers know that they reject any Material that does not answer our high standards. For us only the best is good enough.

Design and features

We do not follow irrational fashion and trends.
When designing the stove, we know that it will work for years. Therefore, we are aware that it has to look good, but it must also work well.
For TIM SISTEM, design and performance goes hand in hand.